Welcome to the Land of Laurel Glen

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About Us

Help us celebrate Chou's 17th birthday--August 14, 2009! 

Chou enjoying the sun just outside our kitchen window


Champion Samsun Patchouli of Laurel Glen

I started in 1992 with my very first Birman--"Patchouli"--who I nicknamed "Chou".  She was bred by Cheryl Garity of Samsun Birmans in Erie, Pennsylvania and I thank her for giving me my start with the Birman breed.  Along with my husband Larry, who I met in 1998, and actually met because of cats, I have enjoyed this hobby for many years.  At this time we breed only one or maybe two Birman litters a year and attend occasional CFA cat shows when we can.  We prefer to breed a litter in response to deposits received for kittens so there may seldom be a kitten unless you have planned well in advance for the addition of a Birman kitten into your life.  Occasionally we might have a very nice retired adult cat available as a companion to a quiet home.  Please view our "Album" photo page to see cats that have over the years been in our breeding program or perhaps may have been just shown as alters.  Visit the "Hall of Fame" to see our kitties that have achieved "Grand" status within CFA.  Our new page, "Pictures", which we are just beginning to construct, will show kittens and cats that are in other loving homes.  Our goals as breeders are to provide the most healthy, loving and beautiful companion cats possible.  Please contact me at roses_01@windstream.net.

Larry has also worked with Maine Coon cats and Exotics under his Castabelle name.  You can view his page by clicking on Castabelle Cattery above.  The following are photos from some of the shows we have attended.  We wish we had taken many more over the years to record all the fun we have had.  Please enjoy them with us as we look back on 10 years together now since we married in June of 1999.

After our first show together, Niagara Falls, Autumn 1998 


At Medina OH show with Vernyrose 


With Verny at Medina


Butler PA with Wally, cream point neuter from Jutta Kulic, Ferazi Birmans


Butler PA with Wally


Butler PA with Peach Puma from Kamicoonz Maine Coons


CH, PR Laurel Glen Woodrose


Monroeville PA with Cricket from Lynnoak Maine Coons

Welcome to the Land of Laurel Glen

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